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Tao’s Birthday Countdown(9): his stunning smile

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A collection of Tao and his microphones.
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I think the reason that Tao’s fans are mostly in their twenties and he has older fans compared to other members (whose fans are mostly in their teens) is because as people grow older, they start to reminiscence the innocence that is missing in their adult life. I am younger than Tao but I really adore and appreciate his genuineness and his approach to life. Tao is the type that even if you hurt him, he will still reach out to you. He is like a child that just wants to be love and sometimes it is painful knowing that there are people that hate him. I never thought I would stan someone so hard and become so deeply concern about his well-being. As someone mentioned on weibo, if someday Tao loses his smile and his willingness to connect, it must be something that is extremely painful. Tao finds joy in such simplistic things such as the sunrise and the beach and just being with the people he loves. At first glance, people just summarize him as “whiny” and “clingy” but he is so so so much more. He is so very thoughtful and humble and loyal and giving that it is amazing and unbelievable that someone like him still exists. I am so glad I gave EXO a chance because I was able to know of your existence. Please continue smiling, Huang Zitao.   

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Rabin’s abusive relationship doesn’t amuse the mother hen

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Noona why you so pretty you make me think dirty, dirty things!

Omo you think I’m that pretty? Awz! Noona loves you~~~

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I just can’t with Tao’s face here lol


I just can’t with Tao’s face here lol

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God :)

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I hope Tao doesn’t exert himself too much with the comeback :/

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9 gifs of
      ↳ ❆ Zitao's amazing wushu skills
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baby panda’s little mistake during Overdose

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Although sick with a high fever and even having been told by the MC he didn’t have to do his flip at the end, Tao maintain his professionalism by performing the best of his abilities; and he definitely didn’t disappoint. He and the other members are definitely inspirations to continue on when things get hard, even if that’s illness or injuries. I think I would have given up if I went through half the stuff that they have/had gone through. I just hope that he’ll be able to really rest soon so that he can get better 

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